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The National Disability Scheme (NDIS) supports individuals with permanent and major disabilities that affect their daily actions. The NDIS will fund reasonable and necessary support to individuals with disabilities to achieve your goals by connecting them to services that enriches their life.

What support will you receive through the NDIS?

The NDIS provides funds for a wide range of matters from personal care to accommodation, community services and more. The NDIS improves the lives of individuals with special needs by supporting:

Who is Eligible for NDIS?

Individuals are accessed based on the following NDIS requirements.


You must be below 65 years of age to apply for the scheme.


A disability condition that is likely to be lifelong or has affected your capacity to participate in
activities unless you have assistance from others or equipment.

Residency status

To meet the residency status, you must live in Australia and be an Australian citizen, hold a
permanent visa or a Protected Special Category Visa.

Availability in your area:

You are living in an area where NDIS is available.

Early Intervention Requirements

You have a disability that is likely to be permanent with evidence that receiving early intervention
support will help improve and reduce the support you need for your disability in the future.