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Group & Centre Activities promotes socialisation and to undertake activities independently. Our team will engage you in activities such as life skills development, recreational, community access, literacy and numeracy, and more.

You have a choice of incorporating educational learning programs, games and lessons into your individual supports and daily activities.






Your participation in your local community matters. At The Happy Human Hub, our team fully supports you at participating in your favourite activities and events. Be it social outings, community events, recreational activities, or family gathering, we support your involvement by accompanying and assisting you there.

Household tasks are constantly piling up. If you would like some support from The Happy Human Hub team, our expert team with a broad range of experience shall assist you with any household tasks such as doing the laundry, cleaning your home or tending to your plants.

To assist you in enriching your lifestyle and the ability to live independently, our team shall assist you in developing skills such as – problem solving skills, skills for daily life activities, communication and social skills.

Disability should not refrain you from leaving home and be a part of the big community. Go ahead and be part of your favourite activities and events such as volunteer commitments or social outing. Our team will be there to support your community participation for a few hours or on a regular basis.

Our experienced team supports your daily life tasks by assisting you at developing and enhancing the skills you need to live independently. Our service is delivered to those who live in a shared living. Our support may involve other individuals of the same household.

When it comes to attending your appointments with the specialists or a social gathering, our experienced team is here to offer you our assistance, companionship and transportation options to ensure your safety throughout your journey.

Our team assists your personal activities according to your needs. Our support includes personal care such as showering, grooming, dressing, helping with your meal preparations and more.

As an NDIS participant, we support your plan by connecting you with individuals and supports that would improve your life choices such as mentoring and coaching, one-to-one personal support, focus on achieving your goals, emotional support and more.

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